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3 ideas to consider for your first (or next) tandem skydive

Maybe you’ve already jumped before, or maybe it’s your first skydive…either way, you want to make this one more than a standard tandem skydive. If you want to change it up, stand out from the crowd, or just do something different, here are 3 ideas to consider for your first (or next) tandem skydive.

1. Wear something fun/hilarious/ridiculous.

 Onesies, costumes, stupid t-shirts… there are so many options (just be sure to call the dropzone to make sure your outfit is safe to skydive in). Want to look absolutely ridiculous? There are boatloads of onesies out there to choose from, some with hoods, some without.

Some have ears on the side or look like the pajamas that Grandma bought you in 1989. Want to be fancy? Suits are fun (maybe not a super expensive one), or a tuxedo t-shirt if you want the fancy AND comfort.

This group went all out:

Or, this unicorn onesie, which is quite the gem:

Source: Walmart.com

 2. Go higher.

 Did you know you can choose how high you jump from on your tandem skydive? Some dropzones offer only one altitude, but here at Skydive Santa Barbara, we have three altitudes to choose from – 8,000, 13,000, and 18,000 foot jumps.

Want to do something different? Go to 18,000 feet. With this, you’ll get the ultimate skydive experience with an entire 90 seconds of freefall – SERIOUSLY, A MINUTE AND A HALF OF FREEFALL. You’ll be going so high that you’ll be provided with supplemental oxygen on the way up. Go higher!

3. Sharpie it!

Want to do something different that’s minimal work and doesn’t require much planning? Take a Sharpie to your hands! Whether it’s “Hi Mom” or a drawing of your company’s logo, it’s a simple and great way to get some unique shots of your skydive. Here are some examples:

Book your tandem skydive today! In the meantime, if you haven’t made a tandem jump yet, we suggest this quick read on what you need to know before your first tandem skydive. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see if photos from your skydive are featured sometime soon.

Blue Skies,

– The Skydive Santa Barbara Team

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