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Your First Skydive

Tandem Skydiving - The Safest Skydiving Experience

Feel the Thrill with our Experienced Team and Spectacular Views!

Tandem skydiving is the safest way to experience your first jump. Fully secured in a tandem harness with your jumpmaster at the controls, you’ll feel the thrilling sensation of the 120 mph freefall. Then, as you make your way down to land under canopy, you’ll be amazed at the most spectacular views of California’s central coast.

Read more below, book your jump, or give the gift of skydiving.
Since 1997

Skydiving is Our Life

With over 300,000 Jumps at Skydive Santa Barbara, and an owner that’s a former British and World Skydive Champion, we have a pretty good idea of how to make your jump easy, fun and safe. And epic. And Awesome. And utterly unforgettable.

Our staff will supply you with the best and safest skydiving equipment available, provide an easy and enjoyable orientation, and take you up in our powerful aircraft to 8,000, 13,000 or even 18,000 feet (The highest altitude we offer). You’ll free fall for 20, or 60, or 90 seconds then spend 5 minutes drifting under the canopy observing the coast of southern California until you reach the ground.

Our tandem skydiving instructors have your back, literally. Book your jump today and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

18,000ft Jumps

We are the only Southern California Skydiving School offering 18,000ft jumps. This means 50% more air time.
We Have

Amazing Ocean Views

In all directions, we have some of the most incredible views, from the ocean, a rocket base, and even film locations.
Safety and Fun

is Our Priority

We have the best and safest skydiving equipment, made in the U.S.A. for both your comfort and safety.
Our Staff are

Seasoned Pros

Combined our staff have dozens of years experience and thousands of jumps completed, all with a shared goal of providing you an amazing experience.

Here's Some Words from Past Jumpers