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Licensed Skydiver's Checklist


Jump Preparation

Use this list to guide you to come prepared for your jump.
Reserve parachutes must be sealed and in-date(packed within the last 180 days by an FAA-certified parachute rigger) – present sealed reserve and pack data card upon initial check-in.
Must be equipped with an automatic activation device(within serviceable limits) if you have less than 1000 jumps.
You will receive a free lift ticket for referring a full paying Tandem jumper. To receive the free lift ticket, you either book them or call up in advance.
Wing suit skydivers must exit from our fleet of aircraft using a sitting position to avoid contact with the aircraft tail.
Must wear a helmet if you have less than 1000 jumps.
Current U.S.P.A. membership is required.
Signed logbook to show currency (please call ahead if you need re-currency training).
No shooting video unless you have 200 jumps.
Restrictions for anyone who does not have a B-license, please call 805-740-0000
Wing suit skydivers must have documentation or log book sign off; showing they have successfully completed an approved Wing Suit Course; and also receive a pre-jump briefing/authorization from the Manager or S&TA before they perform their first wing suit jump at S.S.B.