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What to Expect

Your Tandem Jump

Learn about what you'll experience the day of your tandem jump.

Plan on being here half a day for your skydive. This is a day full of thrills and excitement!
What to Expect

The Day of Your Jump


Step 1: Check-In

Approx 1 Hour
  1. Check in at front desk
  2. Watch waiver video
  3. Sign waivers
  4. Pay any balance due

Step 2: Training & Gear Check

Approx 1 Hour
  1. Watch training video
  2. Meet your instructor
  3. Receive training
  4. Get fitted for gear

Step 3: Airplane Flight

7 - 10min
  1. Board the fastest Cessna Caravan in California
  2. Enjoy the Spectacular Ocean Views
  3. Final Adjustments & Safety Checks
  4. Review Jump Procedures

Step 4: Freefall

30 - 90sec
  1. Exit the Plane with Your Jumpmaster
  2. Feel the Speed of 120 mph Freefall
  3. Jumpmaster Deploys the Parachute
  4. Parachute Opens at ~5000′

Step 5: Under Canopy

4 - 8min
  1. Under Open Canopy
  2. Revel in Stunning Central California Coast Scenery
  3. Try Turns, Spins (optional)
  4. Descend to Drop Zone
  5. Prepare for Landing

Step 6: Post Jump

Joy may last for days
  1. Scream, Shout, Jump Up & Down!
  2. Receive Your Certificate
  3. Receive Your Second Jump Coupon
  4. Receive Your Photos/Videos via Email
  5. Book Your Next Jump!