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Since 1997

Over 300,000 Happy Thrill Seekers Served

The World's Highest Tandem Skydiving Jump!

We are the Only Southern California Skydiving School to Offer 18,000ft Tandem Jumps.

This tandem jump is sooo high, you will be given supplemental oxygen on the ride up. Tandem skydiving from 18,000ft is a huge sense of achievement. You’ll have more time to take in the awesome ocean and mountain views and your video is 50% longer for the same standard price.

All the other Southern California skydive schools jump from 7,800 to 12,500ft. Our standard jump is 13,000ft, and our ultimate thrill Tandem Skydive is 18,000ft which gets you 40-125% higher than anywhere else for an industry standard price in Southern California.
Views! Views! Views!

We Have Amazing Ocean Views

To the south, take in the iconic view of Point Conception, and the Channel Islands. To the west we have Vandenberg Air Force Base which launches rockets on a regular basis. This is a spectacular event just to experience from the ground. Sometimes we are lucky to be in the air at the same time! While skydiving, Pismo Beach is in full view to the northwest, and also Guadalupe Dunes (Where Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End was filmed). At Skydive Santa Barbara we can take you to Worlds End and back again!
Fast and Comfortable

Fastest Single-Engine Skydiving Aircraft in North America

Skydive Santa Barbara jump plane is the fastest single-engine skydiving aircraft in North America. Our Cessna Caravan with a Texas Turbine Supervan 900 Conversion quickly climbs to altitude utilizing a 900 hp (horsepower) turbine engine with 2971 ft-lbs of torque with a maximum climb rate of 1500 ft/min (with max. gross weight) making it the top in the industry for speed.
Central Coast Panoramas
Spectacular Views with you Skydive Coastal California
Some History

Who We Are

The adventure began in July 1997, when owner David Hughes dropped his first skydiver at his Lompoc Airport dropzone.

David now spends his days flying his excited clients over the beautiful California coast in Skydive Santa Barbara’s Cessna Caravan. Skydive Santa Barbara’s Caravan has a Texas Turbine Conversion with a 900 hp engine making it one of the fastest skydiving airplanes in the world! Originally from England, David became a U.S. citizen in 2003. He’s a former British and World Skydiving Champion as well as a hang glider pilot, aerobatic pilot, and scuba diver — David’s even learned the flying trapeze!
The Friendliest Team

Meet Our Staff

With over 300,000 Jumps at Skydive Santa Barbara, and an owner that’s a former British and World Skydive Champion, we have a pretty good idea of how to make your jump easy, fun and safe. And epic. And Awesome. And utterly unforgettable.

Our staff will supply you with the best equipment available, provide an easy and enjoyable orientation, and take you up in our powerful aircraft to 8,000, 13,000 or even 18,000 feet (The highest altitude we offer). You’ll free fall for 20, or 60, or 90 seconds then spend 5 minutes drifting under the canopy observing the coast of southern California until you reach the ground.

Our tandem skydiving instructors have your back, literally. Book your jump today and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!
World's Top 10 Skydiving Destinations

Come Visit Us

Skydive Santa Barbara is the only drop zone located in the popular vacation destination of Santa Barbara County. Because of its coastal landscape, Santa Barbara is listed as one of the world’s top 10 recommended skydiving destinations by

  1. Healthfitnessrevolution.com
  2. Flyingthenest.tv
  3. Escapehere.com
Lompoc is between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara on scenic Highway 1, California’s Coast Highway. Easy access from nearby Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, and Santa Maria. Plan a day trip!

Santa Barbara County is home to many activities and attractions. After your jump, enjoy wine tasting, beaches, popular coastal communities like Isla Vista, the Channel Islands, the Santa Ynez, Sierra Madre and San Rafael Mountains, Los Padres National Forest and more.