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AFP Course

AFP Course

Experience Total Freedom

Ground training costs $125 (includes a $25 Skydivers Information Manual) and your AFP Level 1 skydive costs $209 which includes the following:

  • USPA Instructor assisting you on your skydive
  • Gear rental(parachute, jumpsuit, goggles, altimeter)
  • Lift ticket to 13,000ft (higher than other Southern California schools)
  • Your solo sky dive
  • Detailed post-jump debriefing
  • Repack of your parachute
  • Cool Skydivers Logbook
  • United States Parachute Association Membership (3 months – a $30 value)

Total cost of ground training and first solo skydive: $364
For additional information or to make a reservation call now 805-740-0000

We have the facilities and Instructor/Examiners to help you attain your A license (25 jumps). If you’re bored with your job, we can also train you to become a full-time professional sky diving instructor (500 Jumps).