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A perfect weekend getaway if you live in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for your next weekend getaway (or even day trip), we’ve got the perfect place. California’s Central Coast is the ideal location because it’s both close enough to not have to drive long hours, but far enough away to consider a legitimate vacation.

There are many reasons to go to the Central Coast – wine tasting in the Santa Ynez valley, unparalleled skydiving in Lompoc, Santa Barbara’s breathtaking beaches, or the tidepools and seaside charm of Morro Bay – there’s so much it has to offer.  Here are a few ideas for your next getaway if you live in Los Angeles.

 1. Central Calfornia Wine Country.

Have you seen the movie Sideways? Yeah, that’s California’s Central Coast. The entire area is a wine mecca! Vineyards are abundant throughout the Santa Ynez Valley and Paso Robles areas. Tasting rooms are scattered throughout the entire region, but Lompoc’s Wine Ghetto and Los Olivos are two spots where you can find them in abundance.

 2. The Great Outdoors. #optoutside

Need a beach day? There are pristine beaches throughout the entire Central Coast, but Santa Barbara specifically has plenty to choose from. More of a mountain-person? There are many trails throughout the entire region for hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching and exploring.

There are also places along the coast to rent kayaks, paddleboards, and other adventure gear. In the Pismo Beach area, you can even drive your vehicle down the beach and rent ATVs in the Oceano Dunes (and a very cool place to camp if you happen to have an RV or tent). Last, if you love the water but the ocean just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of lakes if you want to go freshwater fishing, boating, and more.

3. Visit skydive Santa 

There are places to skydive near Los Angeles, but we at Skydive Santa Barbara we offer:

  • 18,000 foot jumps with supplemental oxygen.
  • The fastest single-engine skydive plane in North America.
  • And incredible views of coastal California, rolling hills, vineyards, and sand dunes.

Compared to the many other Skydiving centers in Southern California who don’t offer the ultimate thrill Tandem Skydive at 18,000ft, Skydive Santa Barbara gets you higher than anywhere else for an industry standard price. Book your skydive with us today!

Book your jump today

If you live in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California and are planning your getaway, book a tandem skydive today! In the meantime, if you haven’t made a tandem jump yet, we suggest this quick read on what you need to know before your first tandem skydive. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see if photos from your skydive are featured sometime soon.

Blue Skies,

– The Skydive Santa Barbara Team

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