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18 reasons you should skydive from 18,000 feet

An 18,000 ft. skydive is an experience of a lifetime. At first thought, it might seem too crazy. But for those who have taken the 18K plunge, you’ll hear a slightly different perspective.

In no particular order, here are 18 reasons why you should skydive from 18,000 feet.

1. Beyond incredible scenic views. An 18,000 foot skydive will give you the most unforgettable scenery. At Skydive Santa Barbara, you’ll have views of the ocean, coastline and land as far as your eyes can see.

2. More freefall time. 30 more seconds. A half of a minute. It’s such a long time, but at the same time goes by at the blink of an eye. Once you experience freefall, you’ll know how valuable this extra 30 seconds truly is.

3. Bragging rights. So your friends jumped too? From 13,000 feet? Enough said. ;)

4. You can watch all the licensed fun jumpers, and 8K/13K ft. tandem jumpers exit the plane. They’ll cheer, they’ll scream, they’ll high five their friends… watch the lower altitude skydivers jump out before you!

5. A longer plane ride. Sit back, relax and take it all in. Many people pay a pretty penny for scenic flights over various landscapes around the world. Enjoy!

6. You get to wear an oxygen mask on the ride up to 18,000 feet. AN OXYGEN MASK. Feel like an astronaut? Yes please.

 7. You can say you jumped out of a plane from 3.41 miles above the ground. Seriously, it’s farther than the distance of a 5K run.

 8. More freefall footage for the perfect photos/videos. Maybe you were talking the entire jump, or had your eyes closed some of the time (regrettingly). More freefall time = more time to capture those epic moments and hilarious facial expressions!

9. Bucket list… plus a few thousand feet. Need we say more?

10. First in, last out. If you jump from 18,000 feet, there’s a good chance you’ll jump out last. What’s cool about this? Watch the plane fly away in the distance, and bask in the feeling that you were just in that aircraft a few seconds ago…

11. There’s a different perspective of heights. Suddenly, the ground isn’t the ground anymore. You’re so high, you know the earth is below, but heights aren’t even a thing anymore. There’s just… awe.

12. Mindfulness. You’re present. You’re completely aware. For an uninterrupted minute and a half (ish). There are few things you can do that will allow you to be more present than when you are flying through the sky. An 18,000 foot skydive offers a presence that you can’t achieve through any other medium.

13. It’s the highest tandem skydive. The ultimate thrill!

14. You get 50% longer video for the same price. Pay the same standard price, and get a 50% longer video (at Skydive Santa Barbara). How awesome is that?

15. Hang with your instructor a bit longer. Pun definitely intended. But really, our Skydive Santa Barbara instructors are pretty awesome people so who wouldn’t want to hang out with them more?

 16. It’s so much cooler! … in temperature. The higher you go, the cooler it gets. Experiencing the temperature changes at different altitudes is an experience like none other. You get the full range jumping from 18,000 ft.

17. The best value skydive. At Skydive Santa Barbara, our 18,000 foot skydive is by far the best value! Who doesn’t love deals?

18. You’ll have a huge sense of achievement. When you land, the feeling will last for days, weeks, and even longer. It’s an accomplishment that compares to nothing else!

So what are you waiting for? Book your 18,000 foot tandem skydive now.

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Blue Skies,

– The Skydive Santa Barbara Team

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