A holiday tandem skydive at Skydive Santa Barbara

5 reasons to tandem skydive this holiday season

If you’ve been thinking about scheduling your first (or next) tandem skydive, now is the time. Here are 5 reasons you should jump out of a plane this holiday season:

1. Jumping out of a plane is a GREAT way to beat holiday stress.

The holidays are fun, but let’s be honest… they’re stressful. There are family gatherings and obligatory holiday parties, holiday shopping and travel nightmares, not to mention trying to figure out New Year’s Eve plans. With all that and more spanning just a few weeks time, there’s no denying it’s time for some serious stress relief, and jumping out of a plane is a perfect solution. Not only will you be more present and truly in the moment throughout your time in freefall and under canopy, but the adrenaline and serenity will radiate through you even after your jump!

2. You finally have an awesome reason to wear your festive holiday onesie (or something similar).

Maybe it’s already in your closet from last year’s ugly sweater party. Maybe you need to one-up your friend’s Instagram skydive pic from earlier this year. Or maybe you just really, really love Christmas. Whatever your reason, the season is upon us to be merry in the sky! So bring on your ugly Christmas sweaters, your holiday onesies, or any other festive attire that’s safe for skydiving.

3. It’s an epic gift to give… to yourself or a loved one.

Give the gift of adventure to someone, whether that someone is you, your mom, best friend, grandpa, etc. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime, and an experience that will make this holiday truly unforgettable.

4. Winter skydives have the best views.

If you live in most states in the North, Midwest and East, skydiving isn’t even an option during the winter season. In California here at Skydive Santa Barbara, we see some of the most beautiful landscapes throughout the winter. It’s common during this time of year to see clouds that form in the distance over the Pacific Ocean, creating breathtaking scenery and make for some amazing skydive photos.

5. Cheaper prices!

While it may not be the doorbuster Black Friday deals you see at popular retailers, many dropzones have holiday deals also. This season, Skydive Santa Barbara is featuring a few options. The first option is a Holiday Gift Package that includes photos or video, a t-shirt and more. The second option is the December Special — discounted tandem skydives from 8,000ft, 13,000ft and 18,000ft. Don’t forget, these are only offered for a limited time so get yours today!

Are you ready to schedule your skydive yet? In the meantime, you can check out this quick read on what you need to know before your first tandem skydive. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see if photos from your skydive are featured from this holiday season!

Blue Skies and Happy Holidays,

– The Skydive Santa Barbara Team

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